Stress Free in 10'

Stress Free in 10

Use your creativity to relieve stress and anxiety in less than 10' a day!

The easiest creative way to destress in less than 10’ a day!

Stress Free in 10 is the only course of its kind that guides you to tap into your creativity to quickly decrease your stress level so that you can feel energized, centered and confident again.

Who is this mini course really for?

You’re a high achiever with no shortage of courage who’s feeling stressed and resentful of all the demands that the modern world puts on you, and ready to trade your doubts and worries for a completely quiet mind.

Whether You’re…

  • a working mom, juggling between satisfying your boss expectations, meeting tight deadlines, and leading intense meetings. You’re tired of feeling stressed, of crashing into the sofa when arriving home and you feel guilty to snap at people for next to nothing
  • a freelance woman, working in coaching or energy healing, spending long hours in your practice, as you’re highly sensitive to your clients’ problems. You ‘re dedicated to create change in this world, but you’re anxious about how to best serve your clients, and this puts a toll on your sleep
  • a stay-at-home mom, committed to actively listening to your partner’s challenges, driving your kids to their sport game, caring for the sick in your family, or running around to maintain the household while not making time for yourself. You’re getting tired of this stressing unbalance

You’re in the right place! Stress Free in 10 will give you the tools and inspiration on your journey to creating a more balanced life.

By the end of this course,
you will have: 

  • Carved out 10’ a day for yourself to take a break from things that stress you out, and get into a better mood overall
  • Learned how to draw easy patterns ("Zendors") in a few minutes to get out of your head
  • Tried out more than 8 different ways to get your inspiration going (and put your mind chatter to sleep)
  • Reaped all the benefits of zentangle, without strictly playing by the rules of that amazingly simple stress-relief technique.
  • Learned to stay focused on a creative task to release your mind from pesky stressful thoughts
  • Acquired for life an easy, practical and creative habit to quickly release your stress, wherever you are, with little material 

This is one of the easiest, most enjoyable courses I've ever taken!
As a non-artist I tend to stop myself from doing anything artsy or creative because I think I won't be good enough. Stress Free in 10 immediately helped me let go of my overthinking & perfectionism, & get back into my heart. I was able to create perfectly imperfect designs within minutes, which made me feel so proud of myself!
And Isa is such a natural teacher. Her encouraging words & calming voice helped me overcome my need to zentangle 'the right way' & just do it 'my way!' This is incredibly liberating!
As a Life Coach I will definitely be recommending this course as an easy, fun tool for my own clients. Thank you so much for creating it!

Kerry Hanna
Women's Empowerment Coach

What's included?

All sections of the course are available as soon as you enroll

Each video in the course is designed to fit into your busy schedule and lasts less than 10 minutes!

All in all, there's 1 hour of video time, which makes it totally feasible for you to chunk it on a 10'  daily basis.

  • Stress Free in 10
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    Get over stress in 10 minutes a day!

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  • 8 step by step short videos to teach you how to draw doodling patterns
  • 3 bonus videos with additional patterns, to trigger your inspiration
  • 2 downloadable PDFs with all patterns from the course

I believe that nothing can help you destress faster than getting back in touch with your creativity.

I’m a big fan of doodling and drawing patterns, because it calms me down and allows me to think more clearly.

At the beginning of my burnout, this tool transformed my thinking process from one that was plagued by doubt and worry to one that was energizing, peaceful, serene, and confident. Over the course of one week, I noticed my daily interactions with friends, family and colleagues improved significantly while I was feeling more relaxed, self-assured, and ready to appreciate every moment!  

I want to share that with you!  

If you’re a working mom, a coach, a healer or a stay-at-home mom, you deserve to experience the relief, calm and joy an easy creative practice can bring into your daily life.  

To find joy in little things, wear a real smile every day, and restore your peace of mind to transform all areas of your life.  

I look forward to meeting you ! 

Don't wait another day to be Stress Free  !

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